In July/August if 2014 we ran a  Kickstarter campaign to help raise money to overcome a series of equipment failures that really set us back. The response that we received was awesome and we reached our funding goal a couple of days before the campaign ended. 

We want to extend our most heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed to our Kickstarter and helped keep the Aussie Pie Guy dream alive. In absolutely no particular order here is a list of all our mates who helped us out:

Jackie Taylor


Donna Lowery

Lauren Armitage

Phil Fitzhardinge

Christopher Green

Genevieve Blondin

Rory Shade

Jim and Erva McVey

Christy Sampson



Jane Kyle


Micheline Fulop

Edwin Arneson

Cris Fitzhardinge

Elena Carroll

Shelley Martin

Paul Izzett


Mark Steffensen

Jeremy Hopwood

Drew Wretham

MEP Business Counsel

Norman Jaffe

Joan Rohrer

Rommy Ghaly

Mark & Paula Lamming (and team)

Drew Martin

Jodi Angevine

Stuart Reben

Patty Tougas

Frank Breen

Gerard Martin

Andrew Carabine

Michele Wright

Neal Jennings

Darcy Quinn

Megan Rooney

Margie Lowery McDonald

Mary Ungerleider

Wesley Jordan


Laura Johnson

Wayne Gill

Irwin Wong-Sing

Will Lowery

Heather Martin


Lauren Isaacson

David Choo

Roberta LaQuaglia

Irene Hayashi

Stewart Rogers

Brock Wilson

Matthew Sekulic

Andrea Grey

Riley Sziklai

Kus Rolph

Stacey Parsons


Kristyn Humphreys

Ryan King

Julie Parsad

Andy C

Madison Bruton


© Aussie Pie Guy