We proudly serve fresh, Vancouver tap water – inspired by Bundanoon, Australia.

At Aussie Pie Guy we try our best to be sustainable which is why we have chosen not to sell bottled water. Our decision to not sell bottled water was inspired by the small town of Bundanoon in New South Wales, Australia. Bundanoon banned bottled water in 2009 and was the first city in the world to do so. They didn't see the need for it and neither do we.

Vancouver's mountain fresh water has been voted one of the best waters on tap in the entire world and we're proud of that. Enjoy free, delicious tap water at our truck daily in compostible cups or bring your own reusable water bottle and fill up!

Australian town bans bottled water
July 9, 2009

Residents of a rural Australian town have voted to ban the sale of bottled water. They are possibly the first community in the world to take such a step.
Residents of Bundanoon cheered after their near-unanimous approval of the measure at a town meeting on Wednesday. It was the second blow to Australia's beverage industry in one day. Hours earlier, the New South Wales state premier banned all state departments and agencies from buying bottled water, calling it a waste of money and natural resources.

"I have never seen 350 Australians in the same room all agreeing to something," said Jon Dee, who helped spearhead the "Bundy on Tap" campaign in Bundanoon, a town of 2,500 about 100 miles south of Sydney. "It's time for people to realise they're being conned by the bottled water industry."
First popularised in the 1980s as a convenient, healthy alternative to sugary drinks, bottled water today is often criticised as an environmental menace, with bottles cluttering landfills and requiring large amounts of energy to produce and transport.

Over the past few years, at least 60 cities in the United States and a handful of others in Canada and the United Kingdom have agreed to stop spending taxpayer money on bottled water, which is often consumed during city meetings, said Deborah Lapidus, organiser of Corporate Accountability International's "Think Outside the Bottle" campaign in the US.

But the Boston-based nonprofit corporate watchdog has never heard of a community banning the sale of bottled water, she said.
"I think what this town is doing is taking it one step further and recognising that there's safe drinking water coming out of our taps," she said.

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